Top 10 Free Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink building is one of the essential ingredients of off page SEO. Modern SEO is incomplete without creating good and effective backlinks. While using backlinks, it is important to ensure that they are relevant, trusted and also reliable for users to have access to. One must also check if these backlinks are working appropriately to support marketing operations of a company. In order to successfully carry off the backlinks, it requires a good amount of time and money. In such a scenario you can take assistance of various free backlinks checker tools that will help you analyze the status of link and also guide you how to manage the whole backlink and building task.

It is the most popular free backlink tool accessed by users from all over the world. It put forth complete report of the backlinks, giving an exact view on the situation. It is 100% reliable and hence can be trusted upon for marketing a business site online.

Backlink Watch
The most important task while doing SEO is, creating backlinks and closely watching it work. Well it requires a lot of time and money. These backlinks are important to make business site prominent in SERP. All these listed tasks can be easily carried out with the most effective tool in market, i.e. backlink watch.

Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool
While using this tool, user can gather complete information on their top backlinks of the site and find out which backlink is the strongest out of all.

Backlink Checker- Small SEO Tools
This free backlink checker tool is used by a lot of marketers in the market to check the backlinks. The diagnosis or study of this tool is almost accurate and can be given consideration while studying backlinks for your website.

Majestic SEO tools
For users, to have access to free version of this tool has to sign up. It brings forth the most detailed report for a user, which is otherwise not found or available in other tools.

It is one of the latest additions to the list of backlink free checker tools that effectively checks your backlinks absolutely for free.

Rank Signals Backlink Checker Tool & SEO Software
This is yet another free tool, which enables you do in depth study of the backlinks. It enlists the dofollow, notfollow links. Along with it, the broken, bad, good or deleted links are also highlighted for the user.

Open Site Explorer
For users, who wish to compare their backlinks with competitors, then it is the best free backlink tool to opt for.

Link Diagnosis
This is an effective tool, results of which can be customized as per your requirement. Hence you can use it to have a detailed report, or to have list of backlinks on the single page, whole website etc.

Indexicon Free Backlink Checker
With this tool, you can have the report of all the backlinks and also find out ways to effectively use them for enhancing search engine ranking.

The above mentioned free backlink checker tools, are some of the most effective tools to use. It can check your backlinks and find out if they are working appropriately or not. Along with it, it can also help you save time, money and effort which otherwise gets wasted in checking authenticity of the backlinks.

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