About Search Engine Sandwitch
Search Engine Sandwitch was started on 06, 2014 on the word’s awesome blogging platform-WordPress. Here I share search engine news, SEO Tutorial, Google updates along with blogging tips and marketing strategies that are worked for me.

The main purpose behind the Search Engine Sandwitch is to make you aware about search engine secret.

Who is standing behind Search Engine Sandwitch?

Anoop Gupta is standing behind the Search Engine Sandwitch. Hi, I’m Anoop Gupta, professional blogger from New Delhi, India. Couple of years before I was doing blogging as a part time but recently I want to give my full time on blogging and share some proven research strategies through Search Engine Sandwitch.

I’m having a master degree in information technology from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, India. I got motivated to start Search Engine Sandwitch blog after seeing the success of some of leading blogs in blogging where they share their valuable knowledge and experience.

I’m also looking for your support that helps me to take this blog up next level with your helpful comments, sharing content through social networks and contributing your tips, strategies.

You can contact me via Email at sesandwitch@gmail.com and Google Plus

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