Chapter 7- Static Vs Dynamic URLs

Based on the inputs provided till now, the algorithms of each search engine dampen the mood of the designer’ s efforts to make a site appealing. It has already been explained on why search engines dislike images , animations, but what is surprising is that they do not like the URLs like as well. The simple reason is that they do not provide too much information with regards to the contents of the file.

A couple of reasons could be attributed to the fact on why Static are much better than the dynamic URL’s. Firstly ,they are not always there and it is generated on request when a user performs an action. Such a page is of no use to a search engine as they tend to index by crawling and not by filling a form. Secondly ,for example, if a dynamic page is generated by the request of a previous user and it happens to be stored on the server, the search engines may skip it if it has too many special characters or question marks in it. At a certain point of time the search engines did not index the dynamic pages at all, but today they do it, but it is slower in comparison to the static index pages.

The whole idea  behind it is to revert back to HTML only. The websites that are database driven are great, but it is a better idea if you serve the pages to the search engines in a method which the users can handle. One of the ways to handle the URL problems is by URL rewriting and special tools are available which helps to write the URL in a friendly format. In hindsight they appear in a browser as a normal HTML page.

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