Chapter 5 – Content Is King

IF SEO would have been solely used for human beings, then it was easy to optimize them. Just sprinkle a few keywords, then go on to arrange it in a random way and watch your website take off to another planet. The SEO writers forget the fact that this is not the case as always.

Understanding what is good content?
What is a good content? It has to engage the audience and boost the rankings in terms of search engines. In addition to this, it should also go on to attract links from various other websites. You need to take note of the fact that humans come to your website and they should like on what is mentioned on your website.

Though search engines do not work out to be your primary audience, they have a considerable impact on your page rankings. If the keywords from the perspective of SEO have degraded, then the value of the backlinks has shot up. When you fill your website with a link it will help the search engine and the other people who visit the site to take notice of you.

SEO content for the people
Research points to the fact that people normally tend to scan a particular page, rather than read it line by line. They devoted a small fraction of their second on the website, figuring out on whether it is worthwhile to read it or not. The left corner on the upper side of the page is the area which draws the attention of the users first.

Bold text once in while works wonders, but too much of it will sound like an advertisement. This will cause the search engines to devalue your website. It is suggested that you apply these tags to other important things. Search engines look for associated phrases and not just focus on keywords. Let the visitors of your website be aware of what you are speaking about. As far as SEO is concerned to include relevant words which connect your audience and they understand the purpose of your website.

Spam, Filler and Duplicate content – SEO killers
Duplicate content can sink a site. People will no longer visit a website which gives them information on another website and it erodes your SEO value. You should rely on timely information that the news feed provide. The method of meeting keyword percentages and keyword formula will lower down your SEO rates considerably. When you load heavy keyword on your website, it is an advertisement strategy and the search engines are aware of this. To attract visitors you can also choose varied writing.

The state of SEO changes with time and the trend is that the search engines change their algorithms so that they can provide the users with more relevant results. The only thing that is constant is website writing which targets the human audience. Pages that provides the users with noble and relevant content is sure to top the SEO rankings for sure.

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