Effective Tools To Analyze Competitors In The Market

Competitors play a crucial role in your business, and often determine the fate of it. For any business owner, to effectively run a business they should appropriately analyze their competitors and accordingly develop marketing strategies to fight against them. However, analysis of such competitors cannot be done with raw hands; instead it requires use of effective tools. Hence considering business owner needs, we have brought forth 10 competitor analysis tools which can be used for analyzing and studying a competitor in the market.

It is one of the coolest tools, which has been analyzing the competitors for than 15 years now. It is useful in finding opportunities, analyzing competitor gaps which can help you achieve an edge in comparison to the competitors. With the use of this tool, many users have been able to achieve benchmark success in the market.

SEO Book competitive research tools
It is amongst the free tools that can be used for conducting research on search engine marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and also internet marketing. After conducting research, you will be provided with adequate reports to study competitor’s situation. This tool also has a pro version which can be used for accessing the most effective features of the tool.

It is amongst the favorite tools of companies, researching for competitors in the market. With the use of this tool, one can collect data based on insight factors, advertising keywords, organic keywords aspects, campaigns etc.

This is another tool which is quite effective for marketers willing to analyze competitors based in the market. Upon using this tool, companies can probably find out opportunities based on competitor gaps, marketing campaigns and other areas where competitor is lagging behind.

Google alerts
While accessing this tool, you can keep an eye on competitors each move and update. You can keep a close look on where competitors have achieved milestones, how are they progressing in the market and building up their links. Along with it, one can even study their content guidelines, social networking strategies and come up with better strategies to prevail in the market.

Google advanced search operators
This tool is appropriate for users, who wish to conduct effective and advanced analysis of their competitors. Organic analysis and insight factors are given due consideration to study competitors. Along with it, one can even find out methods how are competitors building backlinks and creating relationship in the online market.

It is one of the most popular analysis tools that help you have access to the organic search factors, keywords and paid search options of your competitor. Along with it, it also conducts historical analysis of the competitors to provide you in depth information about the competitors.

Keyword eye
With this tool, you can actually have a look at competitor’s keywords and ranking factors and use it to improve your site. Also, it analyses the content of your site and monitors it along with latest trend of your competitors.

This tool does a set of report and dashboard analysis of competitors, focusing on their contextual ads. They also provide you with the list of competitors, their network and other trending activities which keeps them in the news. With this information, you can adopt methods to overpower your competitor in the market.

These tools are beneficial as it helps you quickly analyze your site in comparison with your competitors and gives you an overview. It also suggests you best ways of improving the site and steps to move ahead of competitors.

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