How To Start A Personal Blog

Are you thinking to start a blog to promote your business or profession or just you want to share your thoughts on a particular subject that you love. Here I am sharing my experience how I have set up my first blog.

This is my first blog, I knew nothing about blogs or blogging. I am a little bit confused how to start a blog. I saw many video tutorials and read many blogs on it.

By now, I have built and managed a couple of blogs, and that during the time I learnt many things about blogging.With experience I can say that creating a blog is so easy and it does not need any coding skills.

  1. Let’s decide what you want to blog about

There are lots of bloggers on the web already. If you are going to write about something regularly and keep your blog fresh with informative information, then you need to write about something that strikes your passion. Ask yourself what you love or what want to share with others.

  1. Decide Blogging Platform – Free or Self Hosted

When starting a blog, your biggest decision will be whether you want to host the blog or use the free blogging services that is hosted for you.

Free Blogging Services: You can create a free blog on a, or but they are not actually free. Here I tell you why…

  1. You are not able to get your own domain.
  2. You have no control on your blog.
  3. Your blogs are lacking of themes, plugins and layouts.

Self Hosted Services

The cost of starting a self hosted blog for your domain in not much high. You will need a domain that costs approx $10-$15 a year and hosting is around $3-$7 a month. There are lots of places to buy a domains, but it’s better to go with reputed company like Godaddy, Hostgator and BlueHost.

  1. Find a Domain Name, Web Hosting & Setting up a WordPress Blog on Your Domain

You know already that what is your theme. So now you have to find good domain name. I suggest you select something brandable and easy to remember. In short, your domain name should be catchy, easy to remember and unique. I generally suggest people get a domain and hosting at the same place, in that way you save certain money and time.

Enjoying Blogging !

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