Google Researchers Know The Cool Way To Create Stunning Time-Lapses From Public Photos

Researchers from the tech giant ‘Google’ have collected millions of public photographs from the internet using the various photography sites like Picasa and Flicker. With these photographs, Google researchers have developed a cool way to create stunning time-lapse videos. These time lapse videos capture and show the transformations in various tourist landmarks in the last decade.

After collecting the photos, they were sorted and arranged by date and location and then, the team edited all the photos of the same place to have a similar viewpoint and then, finally they were color-corrected for getting the final time-lapse video with a seamless end result. It is a brilliant idea and all the videos created to look stunning. The videos capture how much a landscape has changed over the years by capturing receding glaciers, shape transformations of waterfalls, evolving skyscrapers and much more.


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