Chapter 3 – Another Important Seo Item – Backlinks

For  someone new to SEO , there are two types of links, inbound and outbound. In the case of inbound external links are linked to your website and in the case of the latter links from your site lead to an outside website. The number of backlinks indicates the importance of your website in the eyes of the public. They are very important as some important search engines like Google, give importance to a website that has a number of quality links in place. They also consider it to be more relevant in comparison to others.

Steps to Build Backlinks
In a natural way, if plenty of backlinks come to your website, additional quality backlinks are welcome

The Backlink Tool
When you key in the desired keyword, this tool will provide  you a list of websites from where you can go on to get the desired backlinks

Article Directories and Forums
The trend is that the search engines searches  blogs and forums and in the process gain access to quality backlinks. If the posted piece of information is a valuable one, a backlink is valuable. In some cases, the administrator can go on to delete the post if it does not fit into their scheme of things.

Listing Yourself in Directories
If you are indeed serious about your Web presence you can get listed in directories like Jasmine as this is one of the best methods to get some quality links for free. In this manner, you will be spotted by both the search engines and the potential visitors. Most times the inclusion in the search directories is free, but sometimes you have to wait for a couple of months before you get listed.

Affiliate Programs
They are good for attracting more visitors and gaining quality backlinks, but this is an expensive procedure as you need to shell out a commission in the range of 10 % to 30 %. But if you have such a program in place, then why not gain quality backlinks in the process.

Press Releases and News Announcements
This is an approach which assures guaranteed results, but it has to be handled in a proper manner. Many websites are there that publishes  news announcementsor press release for free or a nominal charge. The difficult part is that you cannot release a Press release if there is nothing to report.

Rss Feed
You can go on to provide RSS , feed to interested websites for free, and when other websites go on to publish your RSS Feed, you will be provided a backlink to your website and gain a lot of visitors. People will be drawn to your website, by going through the headlines and abstract from the other websites.

Other Points to Ponder Over
One has to be careful about linking multiple websites on the same IP address. If you may sound genuine, it may sound to the search engine that you are about to do something unethical. The fact is certain that this practice is better to be avoided.

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