The Google Pigeon Update

Google being the most used search engine boasts of its speed and accuracy in displaying the results for all your search queries. Have you ever thought how Google manages to find the right results for every query you post that also that fast? Well! It is all because of the technology that it uses with its various algorithms. Google launched the Pigeon Update on 24th July, 2014 to affect the Google search results rankings for various local search results rankings. The Pigeon Update is a new algorithm being launched to provide better search results. Google uses it to get more useful, relevant and accurate links in its local search results. Pigeon rankings continues to provide he basis of all of Google’s web search tools since the day it was launched and the Google engineers are working to improve every aspect of this service regularly to make it even more better.

With the launch of Google’s Pigeon Update, some local businesses do experience a bit of increase or decrease in their web site referrals, leads and business due to the pitfall in their local search results rankings. This new local search algorithm by Google deals more closely with their web search capabilities taking hold of all features including the Knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and more. Also, the Google’s Pigeon Update is said to improve their distance and location ranking parameters.

Pigeon Rolling Out for US English Results

This new algorithm is recently rolling out for US English results. Google has not yet announced whether the Pigeon Update is going to roll out more widely in the other countries and languages. For now, the update aims to provide better search experience for users seeking local results.

What Makes Pigeon Rank Work That Well

The Pigeon Ranking system works on the principle of relying solely on the superior trainability of the domestic pigeon and its pristine ability to recognize the right objects. This is how the Pigeon Update is able to recognize and select relevant websites from among thousands of similar pages. As you submit your search query to Google, it is routed to a data coop where monitors flash result pages at blazing speeds. As soon as a relevant result is observed Pigeon assigns the page a rank and the pages that receive the most number of pecks from the Pigeon cluster, gets displayed on top in the search results. This is how Google’s Pigeon Update succeeds in displaying the most relevant results to whatever search you make.

Its Pigeon update is what makes Google an easy, honest and objective way to find high quality websites with the most relevant information to your search.

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