The Google Panda Update

The Google’s Panda update was first introduced in the year 2011 in the month of February. This Panda update is a search filter which is meant to stop sites with poor quality content from appearing in the top search results by Google. This Panda update also keeps updating from time to time. With each update all the sites are checked again. And if the site has good content it can get listed in Google’s search results. Also, the sites which were previously hit by Panda can escape if they have made the right changes to their content.

Google has launched Panda 4.1 this September which rolled out for over a week. Many significant fluctuations and ranking changes have taken place in the search results which are likely to be related to this Panda update. The sites which have faced a huge drop in the Google traffic, it may be a result of the Panda 4.1.

Google Panda update is another Google algorithm which focus on providing the searchers with the information that they need. These algorithms are a way to ensure that the search engine results offer relevant information to its users.

Aim of Panda Algorithm

The launch of Panda update was a big deal. It aims to try and show high quality sites higher in Google’s search results. Also it tries to demote sites that are of lower quality. It has affected a very large number of sites. The update has been named after one of its creators, Navneet Panda.Google’s Panda update is all about on site quality. Panda just not demotes a few pages of the site but it denotes the whole site in the search engine results.The Google Panda does not necessarily focus on whether the articles on your site are interesting or if you have covered all sides of a respective story. These determine the quality of the site in a way that real life users would rate the quality of your site. Panda ultimately focuses on offering the best site possible for Google users.

Your site pages must not have just one or two sentences of content since such pages are considered not to be that useful for the users. If majority of your site’s pages have thin content, your site will be considered of low quality and Panda would demote it in the Google search results. Also it must not contain duplicate copied content. Panda is there to save users from low quality sites.

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