Google’s Hummingbird Update

You must have heard of people telling that Hummingbird destroyed their website rankings in Google search results. Google had announced the launch of its new algorithm titled Google’s Hummingbird Update on September 26, 2013. Their Hummingbird Update led to some severe Google search results ranking fluctuations.

The Hummingbird update marks to be a complete overhaul of the entire Google algorithms. It aims at bringing in a better understanding of a user’s query by Google. For example, if you search for “the best places to have pizza in Fizi”, the Hummingbird algorithm helps Google understand that you are searching for restaurants and pizza houses. It is going to interpret what you are looking for when you mention a “place” in your query and will get you a list of fine restaurants offering sumptuous pizzas in the Google search results.

Improved Rankings in the Eye of Hummingbird Update

In order to improve your site’s ranking in the eyes of Hummingbird algorithm, all that you need to do is to make sure that the content on your website answers Google user’s queries well. Google aims to compel website owners to publish the most relevant content on their websites such that the content is the best of its kind. If you can produce, develop and publish content which answers the questions submitted by Google users, your site is likely to gain in the eyes of the Hummingbird algorithm. This would further help in improving your website’s Google search results ranking.

Recovering from Hummingbird hit

Unlike the Panda and Penguin algorithms by Google, Hummingbird does not reduce the trust of your website in Google’s eye. This is why there isn’t really a way to recover those keyword rankings for your website if your site has started behaving poorly after the launch of a Hummingbird Update. All that you can do is to revamp the content on your website and ensure that you present the best of content which is relevant to what you do. This way your website will be able to find and gain new traffic by presenting a more thorough and complete description of what your website has to offer. Then the release of new Hummingbird updates will not let your website fade away from the Google search results top pages.

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